Unlimited membership


$100 / month - (3-month commitment)


$115 / month - (month to month)


Enjoy as many CrossFit classes as you would like.

Enjoy the facility during open gym hours.

Each class is taught by a coach who has taken the CrossFit Level 1 class (at a minimum).  You will receive thorough instruction on form-mechanics and how to scale each movement for you!


Membership add-ons!


Keyholder (24/7/365 access)

With a key, the facility is available at your convenience.



Additional programming and clinics (coming soon)

Looking for supplemental training? We also offer programs and clinics for: squatting, olympic lifting, accesory, mobility and yoga.



Locker w/ key

Small lockers are available in the lobby area to store your belongings!



Unlimited Wifi access

Our lobby area has a complimentary coffee bar and tables for studying, working, or simply hanging out.



Introduction to CrossFit

ALL levels are encouraged and welcomed.  Scaling workouts is a key component of CrossFit, and it is based on the idea that while humans require the same kinds of movements (squatting, deadlifting, etc...), the degree to which those needs are met will vary for each individual (picking up a pencil vs picking up a 50# box). For this reason, all movements are infinitely scalable. Whether you've never worked out a day in your life, or you're a professional athlete, we are here to coach and support you in your journey!

Our intro-to-CrossFit program consists of 6 classes, over 3 weeks (2 courses/week).  In addition to the regular classes, you are also welcomed and encouraged to attend our Saturday and/or Sunday classes.  The 6 intro classes are structured around the following: 

  1. Class 1: Squat mechanics
  2. Class 2: Deadlift mechanics
  3. Class 3: Press mechanics
  4. Class 4: Olympic weightlifting mechanics
  5. Class 5: Gymnastics mechanics
  6. Class 6: Metabolic conditioning and mono-structural workouts




Full-time college/professional student



  • Highschool student



  • Significant other (same address)

--10% off base membership (each)--


  • Nonprofit and public service employee

--15% off base membership--


*Cancellation policy: to discontinue your service, please provide a 30-day notice.  If/when you reinstate your account, the most current membership rates will apply.